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Apartment I is out

- Didnt got the Apartment in Swansea (I) Yesterday I got an email form Adam, they decided to let...

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Spoke with Adam about the apartment

I am trying to get a flat share in the Uk town of Swansea, today I called and spoke with the flat...

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INS Messup (Suprise, Suprise)

Well, did I got the surprise of my life this week. I needed some paperwork done, that involve...

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April 25th

Today is a holiday here in the Azores (Portugal), we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the...

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Today the FBI came by the office to pickup some logs on a scammer that was hosting with us, after...

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I read a good one today, so I tought I post it here THE CLASS OF 2006 Just in case you weren't...

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