INS Messup (Suprise, Suprise)

Well, did I got the surprise of my life this week.

I needed some paperwork done, that involve getting my FBI record (just to show what a nice, upstanding citizen I am).

Did my fingerprints, filled the paperwork and away it went to the FBI ..

A few years back I got arrested for assault & battery (means, getting into a fight) .. but even if that showed up, it was no big deal.

Well .. this week I get a call from the office where I did the paperwork, they needed to see me ASAP .. the lady sounded nervous on the phone, I ask, .. “is there a problem ?” .. she said she rather see me personally.

So I head on over, she handles me my FBI record .. no doubt about it, it’s my record .. right description, Social, it even shows my A&B episode .. nothing out of the normal .. until the last entry .. on the last line it says


Now .. this is not, DEALER, or USER .. no TRAFFICKER .. like those guys who bring the stuff in from other countries.

I started laughing, those who know me are aware the only drugs I ever took come in KEG format, then I stopped laughing when I realized what this had just done to me, and what implications it can have.

Immediately I called my lawyer .. who is baffled .. see, the problem is, when you have a record that you personally don’t know nothing about, how do you fight it ?

SO now, we need to .. first go to court and demand the FBI to open my record (see, the one I got is not valid, since it was sent to the institution who showed it to me, by law, she is not suppose to)

Then Once the record comes back, we need to then file another complaint with the court to challenge that entry .. basically, this can take years, and can cost ALLOT of money.

All because some idiot Federal Bureau of Investigations employee, was probably talking on the phone or cleaning her nails while typing in records, and my record # got somewhat crossed with some Drug Trafficker.

Aint this a bitch ?



Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

4 thoughts on “INS Messup (Suprise, Suprise)

  1. Hello Carlos,
    Andy of

    It is refreshing for a person to put up real problems on a blog. People tend to only create or show a crap… too-good-to-be-true image in their blogs.
    This make you more credible to me.

  2. I had my share of wrong doings when I was a youngster .. but this one topped the scale 🙂

    It’s been over a year now, and they still havent removed the record.

  3. On your remark of what people put on blogs, a trend I see allot is people will fill their blogs with news they copy from CNN or BBC .. maing it in essence a copy of other places and widouth real content.

    A blog should be about one’s personal experiences.

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