You have the right to remain stupid.

A couple of days ago, some officer from the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) showed up at my mother-in-law’s house in Florida looking for me.

She was not home, so he enquired about me to the neighbor, he then asked him if he knew were Imperial Drive was (it was the street I lived on in FLA, a few miles away from there), and then proceeded to go there (We got rid of that house recently, so he was going to another dead end).

I cant even guess what in the world did the DHS wanted with me, we called them, but since we don’t know the officer’s name, they could not help us (must be hard to do a search by my name … then again, 5$ an hour college dropouts wont do much ..)

I’m not going to keep calling them, or go visit the US for a while, after this other messup here, I don’t trust US intelligence anymore, and no way I am spending a few months locked up in a place like Guantanamo before they realize they fucked-up once again.

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