Tonight I went Gym hunting with Everaldo

We visited the two local clubs (In Canary Wharf), the Reebok Club and the LA Fitness.

LA Fitness was 55£ a month, but it locked you in a 12 month contract, Reebok is a wooping 95£ (no contract), in paper the LA club was a clear winner. … Until you visit both that is.

Let me put it this way, the Mens bathroom (they would not let me in the girls bathroom) on the Reebok Club was about the size of the entire LA Club, we felt the 55£ that LA asked was expensive, but the 95£ on Reebok was actually good value.

I did ask on both clubs if I joined in, and just pay the fee, never show up, and by just being a member I would loose weight .. Sadly the answer on both was no :-/