About a week ago, I was talking to my rep for Horizon Hobby when the subject of “sponsored” drivers came up, he felt that in lieu of RC NUT growth it was time to have a proper sponsored driver, and they would back us up.

I immediately tough of Sham, he’s an amazing driver at NNRC, and I knew SMD / BMM where already putting some offers to him, so I’d had to act now if I was to have a chance.

Luckily enough, Sham preferred the deal I presented him to the prospect of still having to wait for the CRT X2 to drive, you know what they say, the early bird and all.

So last Saturday, we spend a good 5+ hours rebuilding a brand new Losi 8T for him to race with, we basically tore the roller apart and change oils, settings, as well as some hop-ups, while the 8T is solid from the box, there is always room for a little improvement here and there :).

This coming Sunday is the first time SNRC opens, a nice relaxed atmosphere on a Astro track is just what we need to run the car in for the first time, so Sham and myself will be there for testing and practice .. I hope to have my own 8T rebuild by then so I can take it for a spin as well 🙂

I’m very excited, I know Sham is a A-Main contender for the truggy nationals, and that in turn will mean more exposure for RC NUT .. very exciting indeed.