Finally ordered a Drone – DJI Mavic Pro !


I have been wanting to get a drone for a few years now, but until recently I never found one that I felt was the ‘one’ for me.

One of my biggest problems was size vs quality, and by quality I mean video and still shot quality, the ones that had a good camera were big, the small ones had crappy cameras.

I know some people will say the Phantom line is not that big, but for me it was, I wanted something I could trow in a backpack and go, but those of such size are more like toys, as such I never made the move and bought one.

Until now that is, GoPro announced the Karma and DJI the Mavic Pro, while I loved the idea of the Karma using the go pro cameras, who have superb quality, que drone had a few points I did not like, it was still larger than I wanted it to be, and had no collision sensors. The DJI Mavic Pro on the other hand was really small, had collision sensors, also has the new subject tracking and of course it somes from a company that has been doing Drones for a while, I was also weary of betting on GoPro’s very first drone.

Initial reviews were showing a camera quality on the Mavic that I did not like compared to the Phantom, but seems it’s due to the lack of added sharpening the Phantom (4) does in camera, when I saw some videos of the Mavic that had sharpening added on post, it looked just as good.

So today I bit the bullet and ordered the Mavic Pro combo, should be here mid November … can’t wait !

Of course this will be my first ever drone, so if I manage not to break, it will be quite a result !


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