For a while now I have been wanting to get into Rock Crawling.

About a month ago I actually bought an Axial AX10 and a Goat Brushless System, but before I had a chance to even open the box, I changed my mind when I saw the Enroute Berg 2.2

So I placed an order for on from Japan, the idea is, if it’s good, I might start importing them in and sell @ RC NUT

Anyway, the Berg arrived today, and after a stung of £80 by customs, I got to admire how beautiful and well machined it is .. for about 30 minutes .. I then had to re-package it and send it to a buggy of mine for some milling (doing some alterations to it to make it even better at competition level)

So I was left with no Berg once again, except for the wheels .. I decided (after some forum digging and advise) to go with some M3 Badlands, after mounting one, I cant believe how great they look .. it’s Bling, Bling to the max, but well worthy it.

beads1.jpg beads2.jpg

Now I cant wait for the Berg to come back so I can finish the build 🙂

I also got 2 Spark 1000 Brushless Motors and 2 ESC’s .. I will be setting those with the Nomadio sometime this weekend.