New Fioroni Parts


We received a shipment of new Fioroni parts today, and some of them really surprised me 🙂

My first pleasant surprise was the new Losi 8/8T engine mount, granted its not cheap, but gosh is it lite .. but my real suprise was when i notice .. it SLIDES !!

fioroni4.jpg fioroni5.jpg

The way the screws for the engine mounts work, they have a rail that allows them to slide about 5-6MM .. perfect mesh anyone ? 🙂


We also got in the new “Low Innercia” bits (for the 8/8T only at the moment) .. again, they are feather weight .. amazing

fioroni13.jpg fioroni14.jpg

We are shipping the first pre-orders of those today, so I should get some feedback on how they perform in the upcoming weeks

Last, some people have asked me the difference between the FR50 and FR51 flywheels .. basically the FR51 is slightly longer, great for the older Kyosho engine and those who need a couple extra MM to reach the spur gear


FR50 on the left, FR51 on the right .. the FR50 is the Standard one and used by most cars.


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