Damm BT .. nothing ever works

I am so fed-up with BT .. everything I ever got from them fails.

Last year I decided to drop SKY .. they where charging me about £60 per month for SKY/+/HD .. so I decided, since now I had the AppleTV, to drop them and just get a PVR for Freeview instead.

Until I learned about BT Vision .. great concept, basically a Freeview PVR, with on-demand via Broadband .. the idea is great, so since I needed to have Broadband with BT in order to sign for Vision, I dumped Bulldog and signed for BT Vision (Broadband included)

Well .. thats when my problems started, I got from BT the following

– BT Vision Box

– BT Wireless Hub

– BT Vision Phone (VOIP)

I have now gone thru 4 BT Vision boxes .. these are PVR’s that can record from Freeview and on-demand .. they simply fail, Hard Drive and software failures plague the damm thing, on demand shows rarely work properly (fail half way) .. etc etc

I am on my second Phone .. the first one’s speakerphone was a dud, crackling and loss of sound made it impossible to use, and since I do allot of conference calls at home, I must have a speaker phone

And . I am on my 3rd Wireless Hub .. the hubs wireless is a nuisance .. they drop constantly .. so replacement number 3 is now being used .. it’s version v1.5 (new style) .. we shall see if it holds

But to make matters really worst .. I am now on day 6 of virtually no Broadband .. and BT does not seem to have a fix anytime soon ..

Since Sunday night, my broadband stopped working .. occasionally it would come back to live, at speed raging from 126K to 512K .. quite ways from the 8MB I am suppose to get, I called BT, they say our account was suspended by error (??) .. apologized and said it would be back to norm soon .. that was Monday ..

But thats just BS .. we are able to connect if we do the following .. take the phone off the hook, let it sit for a minute until a audible warning is heard and try to connect to broadband .. presto .. it connects .. at very slow speeds .. but it connects .. at least for a few minutes .. then it goes down again.

Another indication of trouble, the phone line is incredibly noisy when broadband is trying to connect, there is definitely something wrong between broadband and the phone line

Anyway .. 6 days now, 3 calls a day to them to piss them off, and still, no fix .. they have done the whole “lets go thru the troubleshooting steps” routine a few times now .. it just does not work .. I even try a different router .. simply does not bloody work .. but BT .. they still oblivious, not a clue and not a single engineer visit to troubleshot.

Dang it…. yes .. I am pissed off.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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