Cool Collectible Tracking Software – Numento

I have been looking for some software to help me keep track of my collection, especially cost, PO’s and amounts paid and still owed

I searched around and tested quite a few different ones, most were targeted at specific collections, such as DVD’s or coins, none was really flexible enough for our hobby, but I am happy to say I found a great contender: Numento

With this software you can define your own fields and your own forms, it also allows you to enter prices in different currencies and will convert it to your default currency for stats, very cool, I will say the FX that is using is a bit outdated, and I wish they included a way for you to choose the FX rate, but it’s still very helpful

It also keeps track of price changes within a field, so if you create a field to set the current value of a statue and later you change it, the software keeps track of the changing values .. neat

This is how my collection looks on it:


This is the form I defined:

Side A:

Side B:

I have allot of PO’s, with this I am able to see exactly what I owe for both the statue and shipping, as well as what I already paid and when.

Allows me also to set some cool stats for me to monitor, you set your own, so it depends on what is relevant to you

It’s €29 but for me was money well worth spending.


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