Sabertooth is now painted !

MY custom Marvel Sabertooth is now painted, it is a custom from a private group I belong to, these are very limited runs (about 40 or so) and quite hard to get.

As usual it is a ¼ scale, this one comes with 3 heads that can be replaced for different display options.

It was painted in the UK by Ian Wilkinson, he has done some of my other customs such as Weapon-X, Punisher vs Walking Dead, Gladiator, etc etc, an incredibly talented painter and he shows once again with this one how great he is.

This will be displayed alongside Weapon-X, but we decided to add some snow elements to it, so Weapon-X will have to be sent back to Ian to replicate the snow elements so they display better together.

Unfortunately I will only see it in person in December when I go back home for the holidays, and even worse, I have no space to display it at the moment, so it will be a matter of opening the box, setting it up, looking at it then packing it all back 🙁


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

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