Hirobo Shuttle Z Trade-In


Last week a customer at RC NUT asked me if I would take this old Helicopter as a trade in for a M.A.S.H. Counter rotating Heli.

I offered him £50 for trade, today we settled for £60

And here it is, it’s a beast, size 60 I believe .. and it’s NITRO 😀

hirobo2.jpg hirobo3.jpg

I have no idea what is really worth, since it’s quite old, but with a little bit of TLC I will make it into a show piece at the shop, it’s so big that size alone will impress visitors.

Or perhaps i’ll just take it apart and rebuild it and see if it will fly again .. either way, I think it was a good deal …


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One thought on “Hirobo Shuttle Z Trade-In

  1. I’m int he process of resurrecting my dad’s even older hirobo shuttle (With the flybar paddles ABOVE the main blades)

    I’ve got all the old airtronics servo plugs shaved down to fit in hitec styled connectors, and swapped the wire order to match up with newer radios. surprisingly, under a 1/4″ of dust all the servos still work. Even the giant mechanical gyro works like a charm still.

    The thought is to replace the old gyro with a new (tiny) unit from a walkera helicopter (same place I’m transplanting the radio from), and with all the lost weight, put a camera up front hooked up to the extra landing gear channel on the radio.

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