New (Used) Car

For the past 4 or 5 months, I have been driving around on a old 1994 Fiesta Van … I bought it at the beginning of the year as a carrier for all my RC gear.

While it works great, the fiesta was a bit old, it had a great engine, but the rest left some to be desired .. and above all, it had no power steering.

Still, I was happy, for what I need, it was fine. But then I started to use it more and more, and my RC addition grew as well, to the point the fiesta became too small for all my gear.

I was also worried with long trips, as I now will do more traveling between Sandbach and Blackpool, time was to get a newer and bigger Van.

Well, here it is, it’s a 2002 Citroen Berlingo

Plenty of space for all my stuff, it’s a nice reliable modern van, next .. get rid of those hideous tires and rims and put some 16″ alloys.


Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

One thought on “New (Used) Car

  1. Where would we be without those cheap, reliable tide-me-over cars like the Fiesta. As you mention they have good engines, but once they are about 5 years old the bodywork doesn’t seem to hold up to much.

    The Citroen Berlingo is great van. The Citroen website has loads of accessories you can get to kit out the back. I like the shelving systems you can get, makes it look really professional for all your business equipment.

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