XTM Grinders


A few weeks back, i bought a set of XTM wheels, I tough I was going to be able to use them for my XTT Losi tires .. once they arrived it became evident I was not going to be able to, the XTM rim uses a buggy like design, so the XTT where out.

Instead I decided to buy some XTM tires, after bouncing back and forth between the Grinders and the Knobs, i opted for the Grinders (thanks Pete for the help too)

I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to glue them, I feel the buggy design is an easier one to glue tires .. I am also using a “thick” super-glue, that gives me a few extra seconds before bonding, it makes gluing tires easier, as you have a precious few seconds to correct imperfections, but also, I find the tires glued with this ticker bonding agent does come unglued as fast as the ones done with the very thin regular super glue.

Here they are, I am hoping to try them out this sunday at NNRC .. they sure look mint.


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