You Spin Me Round …


Earlier today I noticed most of my tires where looking quite dirty, plus they had allot of dry mud stuck to them, and while the wheels are not yet balanced, the dry mud cant make any better (besides, it’s more weight).

The prospect of washing 6 sets of tires by hand was not an appealing one, so I decided to take a shortcut .. and use the clothes washer 😀

The tires where looking quite dirty
I set the washer to 40 degrees, NO spin cycle (wife was laughing from me asking how to do all this)
Threw them all in, plus some soap

spiiiiin …
And to use a cliche .. the proof is in the pudding .. they came out spotless

Of course, some of them have a little bit of water inside, so I squeezed it out, not much of a problem there, expect the wife did a load of clothes after and they came out full of dirt (yep, make sure you run a empty load after you do this, she stop laughing then) .. I am still avoiding her and her wrath 😀

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