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Today I got a M-Racing setup station from lee @ Rapid RC for my 8T truggy

I have never used one before, so I was unsure what to expect .. when I got home I set it up, and after reading the guide at m-racing site ( ) and setting the station up .. all I can say is .. WOW

I fell like I been trying to tighten a Phillips screw with a flathead before .. in a way, this setup station just made me feel like a fool, how I was trying to judge camber by using a ruler .. and never quite getting it right .. this takes guesswork out of the equation and makes such a crappy job (I hated to fix the camber and toe-in/out ) a breeze.

This is how the setup station looks ..

(got this image off an ebay US auction)

 Albums U75 Null-Mind 991A 1-1
I just grabbed a few quick images of my own, the 8T is still dirty from last week’s races .. sorry :p

 Albums U75 Null-Mind Set2

 Albums U75 Null-Mind Set3

 Albums U75 Null-Mind Set4
Now, on these images I have it on top of a Ultimate mat, I would not recommend doing it on top of it, the mat is too soft for it, it needs a nice (and flat) hard surface.

Just a fantastic tool .. I just had to share my view

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