Last year, I sold my Canon 20D and lenses, and instead bought a Nikon P1 as a pocket camera.

The Nikon was a disappointment from Day 1 .. utterly junk .. while some other people I know that use it love it, I just think it’s not good enough to please my eye.

Now I am back on the hunt for a new camera … I decided I do not want a DSLR .. I need something smaller .. but not as small as a P1 .. as the smaller optics will never please me.

At the moment I am torn between the following

  • Canon Pro1
  • Canon S3 IS
  • Canon G7

The S3 & G7 have no RAW .. and the Pro1 has much better lenses .. but it’s a 3 year old camera .. older technology, not as good on higher ISO

I have done countless searches and research .. I just cant find one that will please me .. if the S3IS has RAW & the Lenses starter at 28 like the Pro1 .. it would be the perfect match .. then again it would be called the Pro2 .. but damm Canon is so focused on the DSLR’s that I dont think we will ever see a Pro2 :/

Decisions … Decisions … darn it …

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