Setup Station on LST2


So I decided to see if it will fit the LST2 as well

And sure enought .. it fits !!!

Now, keep in mind the following .. I am using

– Flextech Arms .. which are WIDER than standard
– Mugen EXTENDED 17mm hexes

And it still fits .. the top camber measurement just fits with maybe 1-2mm to spare .. so on a standard LST/2 will fit even better 🙂

Here is a picture of the extended hexes


Now, before people start wondering … what about 20MM hexes ?

Yes it fits !!!


Yes, it’s a 20MM hex (blue) .. while the hex is 20mm, the nut is a standard 17mm .. so fits just right 🙂

Just a small note

In order to do the camber on the front, you will have to use the taller setup towers in the front instead of the back, so it wont hit the shock tower

Not a problem, since they are interchangeable

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