New Boots & Mugen Extenders


After realizing my LST2 was just a little too wide, I decided to trim it down a bit by going with 0″ offset wheels & Mugen hex extenders, this will trim the truck by 1″ on the width (I been using full 1″ offset wheels)

Anyway, I also wanted some nice looking wheels, so I decided on some Kyosho spokes

My order arrived today from BMM, here is the wheels & tires as they arrived
And a little while later and a few glued fingers, they where neatly setup and ready for install


One of my favorite tools of lately is this flywheel wrench (by Dragon Racing ?), that one the opposite side has a 17mm wrench, due to the hole in it, I can safely hang the hexes while removing the grub screw inside .. also great to tightening the hexes/screw
I started by setting up the Mugen extenders, there are actually standard on the MBX5T, they fit perfectly, I put 2 washers behind it just to make it a little tighter .. but other than, they fitted better than the 8IGHT 17mm hexes.
After I setup the first wheel, I took this picture from above, it’s easy to see the 1/2″+ difference, while still maintaining the clearance to the Arms (yes, the truck WAS filthy, I cleaned it after I was done with the setup 🙁 ).
Another picture of the wheel, those Kyosho wheels look superb on the Boe Ties .. I am loving the look
Just for kicks, I took a picture of the old wheels (who are a full 1″ offset) on the extended Mugen hex .. it makes the truck as wide as a city block .. amazing
And that was it .. easiest upgrade ever, I was also quite surprise to how lite the Mugen hexes are.

And here it is a complete picture of the beast, all set for tomorrow, we are visiting another club in Preston, hopefully I wont be the worst driver there as well 🙂

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