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Ok, this is my short experience with Nitrotane so far

Yesterday I ran out of Byron 25%, so some of the lads lend me some O’Donell 25% .. the engine never missed a beat, those two fuels are indeed extremely similar.
Anyway, I had bought some Nitrotane from Lee at Rapid-RC, currently in the UK you only have 20% .. they dont do 25%, but do 30% which will hopefully be available in the UK soon.

 Prodinfo Los 250 Losf0120-250

SO, this morning, I emptied the fuel thank from the leftover O’Donells, and put some Nitrotane in, did not change the glow plug, and did not mess with any of the needles .. fired it up ..

I have NEVER ever, got this kind of performance out of my engine .. the tires who are ribbed & hard foam insert .. all to prevent ballooning, where ballooning like crazy !!! (on the stand), and once again, did not toutch the hight or low speed needles, the weather is also the same as it was yesterday when we tuned it at the track (thanks for the help scott).

And more, usually my truck bogs just a little before it starts running, many times that bog will cause it to actually die down (damo from speedway saw it first hand yesterday at the races when it did, as he was pitting for me and had to run all the way back to my car to get the Losi engine starter) .. no more bog !!, it’s smooth as ever.

This is quality fuel, most ingredients are from VP Racing who is a huge players in the 1:1 Nitro racing in the USA ..

I just cant believe I get better performance from a 20% fuel than I was getting from 25% ??

Of course, this is my early experience, it will take weeks of actual track racing to make sure it is this smooth, and wont fail when under pressure (I’d be suprised if it did) .. but so far, I am truly impressed .. 🙂

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