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Last Friday I finally got my Nomadio Sensor I ordered from Killer Hobbies in the US

Even so I paid £54 in duty fee’s, it was still £100 cheaper than buying it in the UK .. 🙁

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Anyway, I was all excited when I plugged it to my only Windows machine (My old Fujitsu 10″ laptop), only to be disappointed by the fact it would not work, no matter what I try, the Nomadio desktop software would not communicate with the Transmitter.

After some emails to Nomadio support and a phone call, they recommended I sent it back .. they did offer to pay all shipping fee’s, but for me was the disappointment of not having it for at least another 2-3 weeks.

But I was not yet defeated, I knew the Fujitsu has some weird hardware, so I asked my next door neighbor to let me test it on his desktop PC, and sure enough it worked !!!

I took it to the track Sunday, and simply put, it was the best I ever driven the LST2 .. The Nomadio is incredibly responsive and sensitive, I can feel the truck much better, which in return, means I have better control over it and better driving overall.

But today came the Ugly part, I still need a PC to manage the desktop software (yes, you can do all the settings via the nomadio’s screen, but it’s so much nicer and cleaner to use the PC software instead), so I decided to install Bootcamp and XP on my MAC !!

The XP install on the MAC went flawlessly .. looking at the XP screen on my MacBook Pro felt weird .. almost sacrilegious 😀

I then setup the Nomadio Desktop software, plugged in the USB to the TX .. and presto .. it worked 🙂

I still have sooooooo much to learn on this radio, there are options for everything .. even ABS brakes ??

So I suspect i’ll have lots of fun in the upcoming weeks learning about all it’s features, as well as setting up the telemetry .. so far, it looks like money well spent.

Picture 2

On a quickie, I put the 8T logo on the startup screen .. later on i’ll do a more detailed one 🙂

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