Shell Painting: 2


aright .. part II of the project

To start, after reading and getting some advise on lstforums on backing up colours, I realized I need 2 more colour cans

– Silver (to back all colours)
– Black (to back chrome)

So I went to the nearest LHS and bought them.

I was dreading this part, because I don’t have an airbrush, I had no idea how was I going to make those red fades into the orange … well, nothing beats trying 😀

First, early in the day, I backed up the blue with silver and let it dry, it sit for about 10-11 hours
Then at night, I proceeded to remove the masking, and left just the area to be painted orange out.
This now posed a dilemma .. should I do the orange colour first and try and leave some fading on the edges for the red, or should I try and do the red fades first and do the orange after ? If I had an airbrush I would go for the red first .. but I was afraid to mess up and spray red all over the orange section, so I decided on a mix of both

I did this by using my heat gun 😀
This is what I did .. I first spray 2 coats of orange and quickly dry them with the heatgun, while leaving the edge quite thin so the red could be seen thrum, I then was able to put a coat of red fade and not worry too much of the red spilled over .. if it did it would land on the orange and not be too visible, I then quickly dry it with the gun and then put 2 more coats of orange all over it .. it worked like a charm !!!

But here I also messed up a bit, I was using the low heat setting, and because impatient and put it on the max, melting a little bit of the masking tape .. a big bummer .. one needs to be patient and always use the low heat setting (about 200 degrees)

But regardless, it was actually easier than I expected, a steady hand and some patience and you can achieve allot with a rattle can, I still would have loved to have a airbrush, I could have done it even better .. maybe it’s to become my next purchase 🙂

This is how the front looks .. now, my camera is POO when you use the flash, so the orange looks a bit read, but that the camera, not the paint, tomorrow it’ll take some pictures on the sunlight and people can see how much bright and orange it is
The side runners
and a picture of the whole truck
As I said, the camera is poo, better pictures are needed.

I noticed 3 or 4 spots where there is some leakage on the strip to be white .. my idea is to go to HobbyTown tomorrow and grab some paint diluter, and with a cutip clean them up before painting the white.

a few more days and this project will be done … more to be posted tomorrow hopefully 🙂

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