New Truck: LST2


Recently I re-discovered my enjoyment for RC Racing when my wife gave me a Nitro Car for XMAS.

Since then I have crashed the car a few times, the last run I manage to break the transmission .. but it’s al part of the fun of Nitro RC .. you do spend 1/2 the time cleaning and repairing the cars or trucks.

As much as I love on-road racing, I love even more Off-Road racing, so I joined a local club called SpeedWay RC, from Stoke .. and decided to go ahead and order a new Truck, after buying a Bling’ed up Savage full of alloy, and realizing it was too heavy, I sold it got me a Losi LST2.

The Truck looks great, I haven been able to run it yet, I had to order some battery packs for the rotostart and some charger for the RX battery .. hopefully I’ll be able to run it on the Speedway track next weekend.

Lst-Box Lst-Onbox
Huge Box for a Huge Truck

Lst-Cover Lst-Nocov
The Wheels are massive as well, the layout looks very easy to work on.

Lst-Shocks Lst-Engine
Another big component are the shocks, more than 2-3x as big as the ones on the Savage, the Mach 427 engine looks great as well.

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