Bloody SPAM.

Just for those who might complain they get allot of SPAM 🙂

We did a test on one of the mail-servers at Relio (MAIL1) .. and found out that:

The server averages 2000 successful e-mails per hour (not much at all)
The server bounces back in average close to 4000 SPAM messages per hour (using the Blacklists)

So, 2/3 of all mail that arrives at that server is denied .. and still lots of spam go thru.

Goes to show, indeed when statistics say noways that about 80% of all email is spam, it is true .. so by those numbers, we still need to catch an additional 15% of spam.
 Qmail-Stats Success-Day
Average In: 2182 per/hour

RBL Rejected Mail: (Average close to 4000/h)

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2 thoughts on “Bloody SPAM.

  1. I have noticed an increase in spam over the last month or so, most of it beigining with [username] wrote: and then a lot of it trying to ramp some stock.

    In fact looking throug it I get masses about “Advanced Powerline Technologies”. I have just banned that phrase 🙂

  2. Yes !!, I see it myself, I get maybe 30-40 a day of those.

    As you see, we filter a huge amount of it, but more needs to be done, I’m allways afraid of bayesian filters directly on spamassassin, since those can sometimes give false positives, but I’m now looking into implementing it.

    BTW, if you want those stats on your mailserver, let me know 🙂

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