Just for those who might complain they get allot of SPAM πŸ™‚

We did a test on one of the mail-servers at Relio (MAIL1) .. and found out that:

The server averages 2000 successful e-mails per hour (not much at all)
The server bounces back in average close to 4000 SPAM messages per hour (using the Blacklists)

So, 2/3 of all mail that arrives at that server is denied .. and still lots of spam go thru.

Goes to show, indeed when statistics say noways that about 80% of all email is spam, it is true .. so by those numbers, we still need to catch an additional 15% of spam.
 Qmail-Stats Success-Day
Average In: 2182 per/hour

RBL Rejected Mail: (Average close to 4000/h)

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