4 Years old, and already a covergirl.

Today my youngest daughter (Sierra) was hospitalized for a scheduled operation to replace the tubes on her ears.

The operation was no big deal, and she did brilliant, she had had it already once before, and it’s a procedure very common on young children who tend to get allot of ear infections at that age (Sierra is 3).

A few months back, my 4 years old daughter Savannah had also had the same operation in that same hospital, so today the staff there had a surprise for the wife, one of the pictures they took of Savannah and a clown a few months back, was on the main page of their Autumn Magazine.

Trusttalk Nannah-Hosp
What can I say, they have good taste.

So of course, being the proud parents we always are, we had to scan it and send it out to everybody in the family 😀

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