Finally … Office Keys

I was frustrated as hell a few weeks back because I was unable to get my new office, not anymore, yesterday afternoon I got the keys and access fob.

The new place is just great, 1.x miles from home, so I will be using my bike most days to comute, also my windows overlook a canal where houseboats roams (think RV on water), and they have a small pier on the back, my idea is, on nice days, I’ll just take the laptop to the pier and work there enjoying the sun (actually it’s not my idea, when i went to see the place I notice thats what two other people were doing), and since my office is literally 20 feet from the pier, wi-fi reception should be good 🙂

Which reminds me, Chris sent me the 4 line Panasonic phone, which has a wireless extension that will come in handy for those (rare in UK) sunny days.

Internet is in, so is office furniture, so when I move in Monday, I just need to plug the Vonage VOIP boxes and I’m ready to go.

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