Today while organising some files I found the very first draft we did for the VPS.NET website.

This was the initial sketches we worked on while deciding on a look and feel for the brand, all the way back in November 2008 ! (Copyright stamp is 2009 as we knew it would be launched the next year)

The person working with me on this was of course Everaldo Coelho, and we didn’t use this design for it, we came up with a better one several versions later (although we did use it from something else later in 2009), but it’s amazing to look at it, it’s quite simple for today’s standards, but when you consider that today VPS.NET is a multi-million dollar company, it’s funny to look back at when it was nothing but an idea on paper.

We knew back then the cloud idea on VPS.NET had great potential, but we could not ever guess it would lead to such a massive cloud provider and it’s technology spinoff – OnApp, now powering almost ½ of every public cloud.

Humble beginnings … goes to show that people just eager to try new things that others don’t even dare to dream about can truly accomplish remarkable results.