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I have been looking for a new office in Sanbach for about a month now.

I’m just tired of driving 30+ miles every day to Manchester, just to then have to tackle one of the worst car parks I have even seen, when i used to live 4 miles from work, it used to take me longer to park, than to drive there.

Anyway, I found a nice office a mile from home, even has canal views and all .. but like everything else in Britain when it comes to business … nothing comes easy.

At around the 12th of last month I made an offer for the office and it was accepted, I explained the realtor I need to be in by July 1st (who by the way SUCKS .. Butters John Bee .. worst realtor I even dealt with, the are slow slow slow, and didn’t even remember at the beginning they represented suck offices in Sandbach to lease …)

So they tell me .. “no problem”, “we will send out for some references and draft the contract”.

They sent for the reference, got them back, never acted on it, I had to constantly call and push them to get anything done, then comes June 30th .. and still no contract.

Since I had had it with them, I decided to track down the building owner .. which I did, only to find out he is in the process of selling the office building and no new leases can be drafted.

So the realtor had kept me on the dark, and July 1st came and I had no office, I called them furious, ad after a ton of apologies from them, they promised to get me in there ASAP.

But why could they have not told me this weeks ago, I would have planned for it, I dont understand the ideology behind it, didn’t they knew July 1st come and I would be knocking on the door ?

Anyway, my problem is, there is no other offices in Sandbach which meet my requirements like those, I could get a place in Crewe, but I want a local office so I can ride my bike to work on good days, so the closer the better.

So now I am waiting for the new owner to pay the old, so we can proceed with the Lease .. sheesh …

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