new site is UP

I have been working with a team of Brazilian artists on a new design for

I mentioned it in past posts on my blog, today, after more than 8 months, the site is finally up, both the US and UK sections of it

I was ecstatic when I put it LIVE, this is the best site I worked on to date, but it’s risky, and not everybody will like it, but I love it, and the type of clients Relio attracts will surely love it as well

Actually, I just got an email back from a client commending on the new site 🙂

Picture 5
… gotta love the blimp

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Portuguese born, american accent, living in UK.

10 thoughts on “ new site is UP

  1. The data travelling throught the cables looks sweet. I suppose the size of the globe will increase as Relio expands to other countries. 😉

    I like the shiny new look.

  2. Andrew

    Yes, eventually Relio will have a presence in Australia and Singapore or HK

    Then the Globe will grow 🙂

  3. New site looks truley amazing – excellent branding, great look and feel, and clean presentation of data.


  4. I really like the site also. It’s a refreshing break away from the typically lame designed hosting sites making use of corny stock imagery e.g. (globes, wires, routers, servers, goofy handshakes, etc.) and really evokes some cool feelings. It suits your brand well.

  5. Thanks Mason

    I recently saw on somebody asking for a designer to create a site with similar animation to .. I was quite happy, after all, if people are trying to copy you, it’s a compliment, but then the person said their budget was $60 USD ..

    jeez 🙂

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