For the past 3 weeks Arimateia (Webmotiva) and Zuba (from everaldo) have been working with me on a new design for Relio.

We are trying to create a site that is a little bit more “fun” than the norm … nowadays all hosting sites look exactly like a Template Monster template .. and if a site goes out of that style it’s considered a bad design .. mediocrity likes company I guess.

We going with a more “corporate toon” look, and I hope it works .. it’s a huge gamble, people might look at it and find it cheap or outcast

this is a test of a header so far πŸ™‚

The initial concept

the current WIP design

It’s meant to represent the fact Relio has servers both in the US (represented by NY on the left) and UK (London on right)

We also got some new mascots .. a man and a girl, the idea is to make them a visual part of each site section, and present on some of the adverts we will run.
No name for them yet

Overall I am very excited, if this was my main form of revenue, or if Relio was on poor financial shape, I would not attempt a site this risky and different, but since it’s not, I feel I am at the liberty of try new things .. who knows .. people might like it, if they don’t, it’s back to the Template Monster look πŸ™‚

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