My new Sigma 150mm F2.8 APO Macro DG arrived today from Hong Kong.

I’m still learning to use it (heck, I am still learning to use the camera) .. but already see amazing results, the lenses is a little on the heavy site (especially when compared to the featherweight 18-200) but not too much to get uncomfortable, I find the pictures it takes are brighter and sharper than the 18-200 also, but then again, it’s a Prime lens .. 🙂

I definitely need to get a monopod.

this is a picture of a 1/2″ icon on my 24″ Dell .. you can clearly see each of the 2,304,000 pixels 😀

a half inch globe

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2 thoughts on “Macro

  1. That’s amazingly clear! For a minute I thought it was a signboard with LED’s or something.. 😎

  2. Yes, I just revisited this post and inded was quite amazed by the quality of that macro picture

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