A few days back I decided to design the VPS.NET mascot in 3D.

That was a task I gave myself, after all, for most of the 90’s that was my job, 3D Illustration and Animation in a time when 3D was still a tabu word … those where the days .. to create the simplest of the objects was a pain and a lengthy process, but the results where always very rewarding.

I was most proficient on Lightwave 3D, I used it from way back in the Newtek Toaster days, around 2000/2001 I decided I was going to move to Softimage 3D (then doing a name change to XSI), so I bought (then a very very very expensive) License, but as I did that, Alias & Wavefront merged to create “Maya” … so undecided on what to learn next, I stuck to Lightwave and put my other software licenses on the shelf.

It has been over 4 years since I last fired up Lightwave, as I did a few days back, I felt like someone who returns home after being gone for 20 years .. everything has a familiar feeling, but you cant find the cutlery drawer anymore 🙂

Seeing this was to be a back to basis and I would have to re-learn where everything was, I decided it was time to move on to a new software, so I setup Maya and will do my re-education on it.

Picture 102.jpg

Yep, it is back to basics …

Why ?, I know I could call on a friend or two and have them do the VPS.NET robot for me, but I want to do it myself, I miss being creative and doodling in a 3D App, I actually used to be quite good at it, while a career on 3D Animation is forever out of question for me, I will always enjoy the creative process and the satisfaction of designing in 3D.