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At my last count, I now have about 170 movies and over 300 TV episodes saved on my iTunes.

This of course means, I need space, lots of it .. I was using 2 external 500gb’s HD (1TB) for my iTunes library, but because it’s 2 separate drives, it created a bit of a problem for iTunes, I had to keep movies on one, and shows/music on the other, this made (for some reason) AppleTV very slow to load up, also I was always afraid, if one of the drives failed, I lost ether my movies or my shows .. either way, a huge loss.

I looked into some RAID solutions, but the problem was, I use a Mac Mini to stream to the AppleTV, the mini does not have slots for me to use a RAID card, I did found some self raid enclosures, and was about to buy one when I found out about drobo

What sold me on drobo was the ability to use different Hard Drives, and still you are on a raid 5 type of system where you have failover, if one of the drives dies, no big deal, jut replace it, your data is safe

Anyway, I am not a journalist, people can find about drobo on

I have ordered 2 x 750GB drives, and will use one of the 500GB I have, this will give me about 1.1GB of safe data, as a single volume .. nice

Here are the pics of it .. I’ll post more about it as I set it up.

Picture 12

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