Got my iPhone today !!

I am genuinely impressed by how good it is, I was a bit weary that it would be a big gimmicky and the novelty would wear off within 5 minutes, but instead I am please and impressed by how good it functions, and how great it will work for my needs.

First thing I did was to setup my Exchange work mail, and it works like a dream, I love the ability to zoom in to get a closer look at the text, but I must say, the screen resolution is so good, that there really isnt much need to zoom.

The phone is set to check my main 3 email accounts every 30 minutes (I can set it for much shorter times), I set all my accounts to IMAP (and exchange) so not to get a false “new mail” on the phone if I have already got it on my laptop.

The wifi works like a threat .. it automatically uses the wifi when available instead of the gprs/edge connection.

I pay around with google maps, it’s not a GPS system, but it does come in handy, besides, I had the N95 a month or so back, and found it’s GPS system worthless, better leave it to TOMTOM

I still have lots to play around and discover on it, have not yet had the chance to check visual voicemail .. guess I better just leave a few messages to myself to check that part 🙂

I’m not a reviewer of hardware, and not trying to make this post into one, I am just so stocked at how great this thing works 😀

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