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Now, here is a post i’d never tough I be making .. the sale of Relio.

A few years back, I decided to sell DataColo and just keep Relio, at the time Relio was very small, just a few servers, it was a perfect “testbed” for H-Sphere.

But soon things changed, clients just continued to come in, and while it was good news, it did meant it was growing quicker than I could manage by myself, after all, I still had to manage Positive Software and H-Sphere.

So, a little over a year ago, I contacted a god friend (Robert Rolfe) who runs a H-Sphere company called Weberz .. we discussed a plan where he and his support team would manage the Relio cluster and provide support to the customer, therefore freeing me from 90% of the day to day workload that Relio was demanding.

But that was not the end of it, Relio kept on growing, and became very visible, that started to upset some of our clients at PSoft, who did not saw fit for their Control Panel provider (H-Sphere) manager to have a Web Host of their own .. and while I did allot of smooching to appease those people, deep inside I knew it was a problem, i’d be upset if I where them as well.

And so, Relio continued to grow, and with that I started to make plans for an ambitious plan, take it to the next level with GRID-like distributed hosting .. the idea was (and is) great .. but when announced, it would forever make me a person-non-grata with the PSoft clients .. adding to that, another good friend of mine, started to tempt me with an offer of work, an offer that would see me on a great company that was also deploying such a system as I was planning, and above all, managing great staff and collaborating with great people.

But above all, it also started to take more time away from myself PSoft .. and that was not fair for PSoft.

So decisions had to be made, drop PSoft, drop the new offer and take Relio to the next level .. or Give Relio to the people that can take it to the next level and concentrate on different challenges

Well, I choose the second.

I also decided to open a RC Shop .. it was just too much to handle .. Relio was then sold to Rob and the Weberz team, meaning no changes for the end customers, it’s the same company, I’m just not there.

So i am now free to go forward with new and current projects, there is a upcoming change coming to PSoft, and it will require me to work hard on it, I will open the RC shop on September 1st, and hopefully in a few months, I will be collaborating with some new people one some exciting new projects.

Unfortunately NDA’s and the works prevent me from being more specific .. but to the Relio clients, you are on great hands.

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3 thoughts on “Sold Relio

  1. I hate you for selling relio, Rob sucks …dosent reply to emails and never admits about servers having a problem.

    you should have informed us before selling us so we could move to a better host.

    thanks but no thanks

  2. I’m really sorry and surprised to hear that

    When I sold Relio to Rob/Weberz, I was selling to the people that had supported our cluster for over 1 year, never with a problem and always very competent.

  3. Supporitng a cluster is a different ball game than customer relationship, You did an excellent job at maintaining relationship right from wizardshosting when we had cpanel issues, you were admitted there were problems, with Rob he is arrogant when he is confronted with such issues.
    I am already looking around to move out after years of being with wizards/relio.

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