Great new charger

I got me this new charger off ebay a couple of days ago, and figure id’ share what a great little charger it is
RC-Power 601BC

It does Lipo, Pb, NiMh, Ni-Cad .. but above all, it has Lipo balancing built in !!!!

I charged 2 lipo batteries, a NiMh humpack, rechargeable ni-cad AA batteries, Ni-Cad hump pack and a 12v Gel Cell (pb) and a glowplug … it did not miss a beat 🙂 I also cycled a few batteries (it is a discharge as well) and on a 1900Mah, after 2 recycles I managed to get 2200Mha … eeek

It will work with 12v, but the best part, it comes with an external main adapter as well, so when at home, one can use mains power .. and since the adapter is external, it’s less weight to carry around when one takes it to the track 🙂

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