A few months back I asked about plastidip here

Well, the guys at plastidip UK now sell on ebay, and you can get some good deals, allot cheaper than on the site, I didnt say it before becuase I wanted ot first order and make sure it was indeed legit (when I ordered they had 0 feedback)

I got my 425ML can for only £7 😀

Here is a pic of the can and a servo I am about to dip into it, this stuff is great to protech servo’s against whater damage
Here is the servo dnagling from a cord while it dries .. best thing, if you ever need to access the servo internal’s the platidip just peels off 🙂
Here is their ebay items … I’m thinking of getting a spray can next 🙂

My advise, dont outbid anybody if there is a bid already, the contantly putting more items out.

This stuff is great to protect servos .. plus any stripped cords as well.

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