Rea & Leo – Ep 3

The guys at everaldo have finished drawing the 3rd installment of the Rea & Leo Cartoons.

I had the idea of having Null beat up Leo because he wakes him up from a great dream, I remember when I was a kid, my dad to get up at 4:00 AM to get his Restaurants/Bars ready to open by 7:00 AM (yeah, people start drinking that early in the Azores), so he always took naps in the afternoon, since he was one of those that talks on his sleep, you could sometimes hear him talking about millionaire deals, try to wake him up, and you might get slugged 🙂

Yeah, it will come true someday.
Below is a very rough sketch I did t get the project going, it’s a bit messy, it was done in a hurry when the idea hit me, and my kids were all over me at that exact moment 🙂

My Sketch

Initially I was going to have Rea say “You woke him up, didn’t ya ?” .. but in the end, we felt this cartoon strip needed no words.

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