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Finally, my MacBook Pro arrived today

Today I arrived at the office expecting my MBPRO to be there, but no sign of the currier, so I checked the online tracking, it said there was an error on the address, but that it was at the Manchester depot.

So I called TNT (the Courier) and arranged to go and pick it up.

At their Mancs office, it took them 30+ minutes to locate the parcel, I was getting upset, and they were getting worried (heck, i waited 5 weeks for it, somebody was going to have hell to pay for if it got lost or stolen in their depot)

But all was well, I notice the packaging is quite slimmer than the Powerbook one, back at the office we didn’t waited any time opening it up, it looks very much like the older PB, except the track-pad is allot wider, another change, becuase it has the built in (and outstanding quality) eyesight camera, during the OSX setup it gives you an option to take a snapshot for the user account.

I am still playing with it, but first impressions are positive, it feels allot faster than the PB, Safari opens instantly, and thanks to the 7200rpm drive (an option) file transfer from the backup drive is incredibly fast.

I got the 2.0Ghz, 1GB Ram (soon to be 2), 256MB Video and 100GB 7200RPM HD

Here are some crappy pics with my cameraphone

Image 00001 Image 00002

On the second picture you see the PB 15″ on the left, the MBPRO 15″ on the right and my new 30″ Dell in the back 🙂

And yes, the new screen is allot brighter, as nice as the dell on the back (the 2nd picture is misleading, it is actually brighter than the old PB)

Now I am going thru the backup HD and restoring everything into it .. loving it 🙂

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2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro

  1. Man i just bought my PB 15″ for almost 2k, but i’m sticking with PB because i’m using aperture and need it fast, i’ll probably get MBP when it has been revise :p

    and the 30″ send it to me bud :p hahaha

  2. I Bought my latest PB at the end of December .. it’s just over 2 months old 😛 .. then the MBPro was announced ….

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