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Today I was promoted to COO of Comodo EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia).

I am quite proud, and happy, Comodo Europe is the nerve center of our operations, so while the HQ is in the USA, the real action is here, and the job a demanding and respected one.

We merged (Psoft) with Comodo last January, and I didn’t got in as a full time Comodo employee until 6 months ago, so I feel I have achieved allot in such a short period of time, but not being the modest kind, i also know that there is merit to my work, and I deserve it ..

So a new chapter opens up in my life, but this time I hit the ground running, we have a helluva team in Europe, both offices (MANCS and Bradford) have the creme de la creme of our techs, everybody is very capable .. which makes my job so much easier.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the staff, they all welcome me, and seem genuinely happy to have me lead them, I know I wont disappoint them.

But now we have allot of work ahead of us, especially me, i need to learn every single bit and bob about our operations, streamline it, make sure we continue on the right path and dont do mistaques.

People have asked me if I wanted to the COO of the USA office as well .. my answer is NO .. honesty, the US office is more sales and marketing at the moment, and we have a VP of sales there already (the fact I dont think he does his job well is a different story) .. there is nothing for me there, here (Europe) we have the core of support, sales and development, and I much rather be were the action is 🙂

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