I have since received a new Jasjar from Mobile Fun, and it’s much better.

But I still find that sometimes when browsing on 3G or picking up mail, it will fail due to weak signals .. I assume the O2 3G network is just not that great right now, I have turned 3G off and enable GPRS Only .. and sure enought, it works fine, ALL the time .. yes, it’s not 3G speed, but I dont need it to check e-mails .. GPRS suits me just fine.

If I am ever using it to connect with my MAC t the web, then I look for a strong 3G signal and enable it ..

I have also installed TOMTOM 5.1 with a Bluetooth GPS receiver … and I am loving it 🙂 .. you never realize how much you need a Sat Nav until you get one.

My last beef with it i sometimes I find the volume on the headset can be a little low during calls, even at the max volume, but I am ordering a Bluettoth headset, hope that solves that last hurdle.

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