New TLD’s for our enom integration

I just tested the updated enom API for H-Sphere, with Maxim’s help, we ironed out some bugs on my cluster, and I cant be any more pleased.

Being about to go more into the domain registration arena, I wanted to do as much as possible thru H-Sphere .. but unfortunately we could only use the API to register 11 domain TLD’s .. and it did not include some vital ones like

Before – Only 11 TLD’s

But now with the new version, we can register ALL 38 TLD’s .. means I can really setup a total Domain Registry offer based on H-Sphere

After – a whopping 38 TLD’s

This is great, I want to have a offer that includes domain + domain parking + 1 e-mail account .. all thru H-Sphere .. with this I wont need to use 3rd party products to register the domain automatically, or have to resort to “e-mail” registration, which means no API for some domains and added workload for us .. simply “marvelous” as the brits say 🙂

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