Covering all the bases

I get my fair share of SPAM every day, even so we have filtering on the servers, a huge amount still spillls thru .. usually I just delete it widouth giving it a glance, but today I got one that just made me laugh

I’m writing to let you know that I am incredibly pleased with what your product has done for me.
I’ve lost 20 pounds, all of my grey hair has returned to it’s natural color,
my blood pressure has dropped from 190/110 to 120/68 and pulse has gone from 115 to 64
but what I am most happy about is that my face looks 20 years younger.
Check out the pictures I am sending you.
Don’t run out of this stuff, I Love it!

Talk about covering all the bases, just pick your choice and this product will do it for you, remarkable doesn’t mention the person was also a stud in bed, with an erection that lasted for 4 hours, or that their penis grew by an extra 10″, but I am sure the next revision of this SPAM e-mail will mention it too.

Are spammers just getting lazy ? or are people just too gullible ?

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