20D Arrived

Yesterday I went by Jessops and bough the Sigma 18-200,, they did the pricematch of £254 … so that was all set.

This morning the Parcelforce currier arrived at about 8:00 AM .. I was all excited and ready to start using the camera when I realized .. it was not my package,, it was something the wife had ordered .. not happy.

I had then to wait till about 11:00 when the Royal Mail Parcel deliveries usually come, and sure enough, 11 Am and they were at the door.

I quickly ripped the package apart, took the camera, fitted the Lenses and the 4GB card and started to shoot away 🙂

Dsc00068 Dsc00070

It took me a few hours to get aquatinted with all the options, but by late afternoon I was taking shots like a wanna-be pro 😀

It’s simply a great Camera, and now it will take me a few good months of fun training to take full advantage of it.

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