20D Deal keeps on getting better

So I got the Canon 20D a few days ago, on a great deal that saved me 160£ off list price, and with a free 4Gb Card (20D list price is £999, with no memory).

And content I was, until a friend of mine (Chris) made a very good point, why keep the 4GB card ? very unlikely one will take close to 1000 shots all at once, and they are set to come down in price soon, why not sell the 4GB card now at a premium, get some cheap 512’s or 1GB’s and buy a portable storage device with 20 or 40GB.

That got me thinking, so after looking around for a nice portable device, I found the Epson P-2000 .. with a great 3.5″ TFT, 40GB,, and the most important off all, RAW support.

There are others who are cheaper, but I cant view my RAW images on them, the RRP is about 350£, but I found it on Fotosence for 299£.

SO I put the card for sale … and sold it in .. 10 minutes 🙂 .. £230

Initially I was asking (on the canon forums) for 250£, but this was a local chap, so cash on collection will save me any shipping and Paypal fee’s ..

So, doing the Math again, 20D RRP is £999 (no memory), I got it for £840, deduct the £230 .. and it means I got the camera for £610 .. WOW 🙂

I’ve ordered a Scandisk Extreme II (512MB) to get me going, that only costed £17 (1/2 price special) and will order the Epson P-2000 this week ..

Yes,, I am putting in another £90 on top of the sale, but I am getting 40GB of portable space.

Not bad at all 😀

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4 thoughts on “20D Deal keeps on getting better

  1. Wonder if the Epson P-2000 will work without the DC power supply and use the power from the USB connector instead. Maybe the internal battery would get a charge too. 😎

  2. That I am not sure .. USB might not have enought juice to power it up

    but I shall try 🙂

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