Canon 20D

After allot of research for my next camera, I was still undecided if I should buy the Canon 350D, 20D or the Nikon D70s

SO yesterday I went down to Jessops in the Trafford Center and asked to take a look at them.

I had already skipped the Nikon, the extra 2 MP of the Canon and some review I read gave the clear advantage t the Canon cameras, but I was still unsure was if the 20D was worth about 250£ extra than the 350D.

As soon as I picked both of them up I knew .. yes, it was 😀

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The 350D is a nice light camera, but the body looked too “plastic” for me .. In the other hand the 20D was bigger and very rugged … looked allot stronger and had some great extra on the viewfinder, that the 350D does not have.

I have very large hands, so the 20D felt much more secure, my wife in the other hand preferred the 350D for her hands .. which are of course minute 🙂

Another thing that made me choose the 20D was it haas a paraprism, like every pro SLR, while the 350D has a cheaper paramirrror, which makes the viewfinder not as sharp.

To add to my good fortune, they also had the Sigma 18-200 lenses, so I was able to fit them on the 20D and check it out .. in a nutshell, they were “Great”

But the price was still a problem, 999£ for the 20D and 299£ for the Lenses and thats minus any Memory cards one still needs to buy … so I came back home and started to do some froogling and ebay.

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I could not believe my luck, somebody was selling a Body Only (was not keen on getting used lenses) with less that 50 shots, and less than 2 months old, complete with the original receipt (for warranty) and a Extreme 3 III 4gb card (£315 value) .. and even better, the camera was bought at a local shop in Bolton .. 5 miles away from me.

The camera had just hit ebay a few hours later, and the buy-it-now price was £840, with free shipping, now, considering the Body costs £999 and the Memory £310 … what’s the catch ?

I looked on the seller’s feedback, and he seemed very legit, more, I saw he had just sold 2 Canon lenses which fit this camera.. so it seemed he was getting rid of this setup, a quick e-mail followed by a quick reply told me he had just found the new Canon 5D for £2050 (£500 below list) and was desperate to sell, also provided me with his phone number and all the reassurance I needed.

SO I snagged it, i knew a few more hours and somebody else would 🙂

The camera will arrive here Tuesday, I also found the Sigma 118-200 on that same Bolton shop for £245 .. and I’ll be going by there Monday to pick them up.

So in the end I am getting

Canon 20D = £999
Extreme 3 III 4gb card = £310
Sigma 18-200 = £299

Total Price = £1,608


Total Price = £1,085

Instead .. excellent savings, cant wait for it to arrive 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Canon 20D

  1. wooo! That 20D looks solid. I suppose the extreme 3 is a microdrive and not a regular Type-I CF..? One thing though, Canon needs to add the LCD preview display available on consumer cameras into the SLR. That way, the option is not limited to the viewfinder only. I think they will soon, since SONY has already added the support for a SLR model.

    At 8MP a HDD, should get filled in no time! 😉

  2. No, the Extreme III is a high-speed flash drive (133x), Microdrives can be a bit slow to use with this camera, plus the moving parts of a drive make me a bit uneasy :).

    LCD Preview on a SLR is still not available, the 10MB Sony coming out is not a SLR .. but they laying the groud for the next Generation SLR to have a LCD preview 🙂

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