Corporate Handshake

One has to love big corporations.

I started to work for Comodo a few months back, and being on “the inside” has landed me a sweet deal on a SSL reseller package, that is usually reserved for people with 20k and more to put down.

I decided to take advantage of it on the upcoming relio site re-design, and offer SSL certs for a good price, then I remembered, how about domains.

Currently I buy domains thru Bulkregister .. and even so they nice, they are expensive .. so I went looking for a enom account .. they have these nice $6.95 accounts, but they require you to put down near 7k .. so once again, look for corporate handshakes, and I found somebody on our organization who knows somebody in theirs .. and voila .. I’m on my way to a $6.95 account for free 😀

You just got to know how to play the game 😉

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