I have been in the UK now for 1 whole year, and loving every minute of it .. except ..

When it comes to buy clothes.

I’m a big man, no doubt about it, heathy size 46/48 (yeah, thats married life to ya), and in the US I can walk into any store and buy clothes that fit .. but here ? .. no such luck.

So far the only place I find that carries my size is the men stores “Slaters” .. and it pisses me off that one walks in and they have thousands of pants, hundreds for each size up to … 42

When you look into 46 and 48 .. and they have at most 8-10 pairs, and worst, they are always the lowest quality cheap looking crap one can buy.

What’s the problem ?, do Brits think fat people cant afford nice things ? or am I the only fat guy in the UK ?

For f’sake .. I feel I need to go visit the US in order to buy nice clothing .. and thats not saying much, since the perception of style in America is as dull as a spoon, and I’m too lazy to go on a diet 😀

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