This morning I woke up to find out I had been robbed

Some scumbag broke the glass on the kitchen sliding door with a large rock and snatched my 15″ Powerbook.

Amazingly I hear nothing during the night, our bedroom is on the top floor towards the front of the house, while the kitchen is on the opposite end on the ground floor, we called the police, the came, they saw but doubt they will find anything.

I’m pissed off at myself, I got careless, and left it on the kitcheenn table, evn so the back of the house has a fence and leaads to woodlands, it’s not all that safe .. and by leaving the laptop in plain view I just created an opportunity for somebody on the prowl.

I had just paid 1000£ for it a 3-4 weeks ago.

I doubt the landlord haas insurance that will cover this .. so I just have to get used ot the fact, I am out of pocket 1k.

Not to meention the mess that all that broken glass created, at least here in the UK they have a council service that comes over and boards it up for you, Tuesday they will come back to replace the door .. very efficient, yes,, the landlord will have to pay, but it was better than me having to go chase for somebody to board the door on a Sunday morning.

Nether-less to say, my mood today is not a good one.

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