Can never get anybody in the US office.

We have 2 main offices at Comodo, one in UK and one in US .. unfortunately we have a few people who always seem MIA in the US.

Every time I need to get a hold of Norm or Andrew they are MIA .. quite irritating.

Like today, got a server which needs to be shipped soon, trying to get the local Sysadmin to build it .. but as soon as we start talking he has to leave .. to leave where ? .. one never knows what these guys are working at.

Last month I sold a 3 server cluster which was to be shipped on a Monday, the following Wednesday I had been trying to contact Norm for over a week about the status of the servers, when i finally got him on the phone, i find that they had been given to another client who was in a hurry, leaving me stranded.

After allot of apologizing to the client, we shipped it the next day, but I let him (Norm) know this was unacceptable .. just need to make sure this doesn’t repeat with this order now 🙁

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